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a baby sitting in front of a Christmas tree with presents around him

Holiday Boundaries

by Kirsten Ziegler

Can you believe that Christmas is only a week away? December is a busy month, and these next 2 weeks are especially full. If you have a brand new baby, you may be excited to introduce your baby to family over the holiday season! You also may be dreading the influx of germs, unwelcome advice, and the parade of people who want to hold your baby. If you need it, please take this as your reminder that you are your baby’s parent, and you absolutely know them best, despite what Great Auntie Sue might imply. 

At my first family gathering with our new baby, I found it very difficult to watch my baby get passed around between well-meaning relatives, when all I really wanted was to keep him close by to me. Often by the time he was returned to me, he was crying and overwhelmed and past the point of hungry. Trying to calm him and breastfeed him was that much harder. I wish I had asserted myself a bit more, and kept him close. It’s 3 years later, and I still find it hard to unapologetically do what I believe is best for me & my kids. But I’m working on it!

Setting boundaries with friends & family isn’t easy, and can take some practice. But it is worth it! In case you need some examples, here are some phrases for situations that may come up over the next couple of weeks. . . 

“Baby isn’t ready for solid food yet. Please don’t try to give him any Christmas dinner.”

“We try to breastfeed Baby on cue, so yes, she really might be hungry again!”

“Baby sometimes gets overwhelmed with lots of people around, so I’m going to keep her in the carrier today. You are welcome to come sit with us!”

“Sometimes Baby is fussy in the evenings, but I know she’s getting lots of breast milk from me. Please don’t suggest again that I don’t have enough milk for her.”

If you find you need a bit of breastfeeding support over the holiday season, get in touch! We are available throughout the next 2 weeks, and would be glad to help you.

Elijah Community Enhancement Fund

Elijah 5 months old
Elijah 5 months old

The Elijah Community Enhancement Fund was borne out of my difficulty finding excellent care to help Elijah as he struggled to breastfeed and grow during the first year of his life. His story was shared here (at 7:18) and continues here.

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Tongue and Lip Ties: Best Evidence

Baby with mouth open showing a tongue tie

By Lee-Ann Grenier

Tongue and lip tie (often abbreviated to TT/LT) have become buzzwords among lactation consultants, bloggers and new mothers. For many, these are strange new words despite the fact that it is a relatively common condition. Treating tongue tie fell out of medical favour in the early 1950s. In breastfeeding circles, it was talked about occasionally, but until recently few health care professionals screened babies for tongue tie and it was frequently overlooked as a cause of common breastfeeding difficulties.

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