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Elijah Community Enhancement Fund

The Elijah Community Enhancement Fund

Elijah 5 months old

Elijah 5 months old

The Elijah Community Enhancement Fund was borne out of my difficulty finding excellent care to help Elijah as he struggled to breastfeed and grow during the first year of his life. His story was shared here (at 7:18) and continues here.

The Fund aims to fill the gaps in care that we experienced on our journey by providing access to high quality lactation support for those with a financial need. Lactopia will donate a portion of their services to match the contribution from the fund, providing breastfeeding couples with free or low cost breastfeeding support. Another gap has been in accessing current information and developing skills for lactation professionals. The fund will provide scholarship opportunities for professionals attending Lactopia’s training and continuing education services. The third gap we experienced was in community support for breastfeeding. The fund will  assist with projects providing community support for breastfeeding.
The first of these community support projects is our Ally to Advocate workshop happening on October 10th  at Grow Centre.

Visit our website for information on donating to the fund, or accessing it’s supports.