Accessible Breastfeeding Support & “Pay What You Want”

Prenatal breastfeeding class

At Lactopia Lactation services we believe in balancing excellent, affordable services with universal accessibility, which is why we offer exclusive ‘pay what you want’ pricing for some of our workshops and consultations. We would like to remove barriers to breastfeeding support and recognize that some folks are in a position to offset the cost for those on a tighter budget.

So how does this work? For our upcoming Breastfeeding Basics Workshop we ask that you pay a small fee ($10) to ensure your commitment and hold your space at the workshop when you register

Then, come to the event, ready to learn and have fun. 

After the workshop, you get to decide what the class is worth. To give you an idea, a class of this kind typically costs $65 or more. You can pay at the event by cash, cheque, paypal or email money transfer, and you decide what the class is worth. This allows breastfeeding and chestfeeding education and support to be truly available to all people. 

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at