“My newborn son and I were having tremendous trouble breastfeeding. We had been seen by a public nurse, visited a lactation consultant, and called La Leche League numerous times with no improvement.

One day a fellow mom asked if we had a tongue tie. Not really knowing what that meant (despite all of the above help) I decided to research this and came to the conclusion that my son likely did. My mom friend connected me with another mom whose little one also had a tongue tie. This mom could hear the desperation in my voice and immediately forwarded me Lee-Ann’s contact info. She explained that Lee-Ann was absolutely amazing in helping her with her breastfeeding and tongue tie issues and even though her services are not covered by Alberta Health it was the best money she had ever spent.

I followed up with Lee-Ann that same day and she scheduled an appointment right away. Funny enough, shortly after our visit Lee-Ann’s name was mentioned to me by my cranial therapist and doula. I knew we had an expert in our hands.  As soon as we met her, we felt relief. She was so warm, empathetic and full of TLC which was exactly what I needed. She was also very professional and allowed my husband and I to dictate the session and goals. Once the tongue and lip tie were diagnosed me husband and I decided to go with a frenectomy. Even through this process we loved how Lee-Ann supported us and did not push any agendas or ideals upon us. We had Lee-anne come with us and our little one on procedure day. It gave me great comfort to know she would be with our little guy and us before, during and anytime after. Afterwards, Lee-Ann continued to support us (via text, FaceTime and phone calls) and we were always calmer after speaking to her.

Lee-Ann is truly a gift for mamas and their babes. I have yet to come across anything but wonderful feedback and rave reviews about Lactopia and it’s because Lee-Ann is amazing!
Thank you for saving my breastfeeding journey Lee-Ann.” ~Heather T.

“Lee-Ann was absolutely instrumental in helping us achieve success in our breastfeeding journey. Parker had tongue- and lip-tie revisions at 9 days old but still wasn’t able to breastfeed, and Lee-Ann worked with us over several visits to help Parker learn how to latch and suck again. I’m not sure where we would be now without her help, but I credit much of our success to her expertise, advice, and support!” ~Stephanie J.

“I met Lee-Ann at a talk on Tongue Tie that she did at the birthing centre I was a part of. What I learned confirmed that my newborn daughter did in fact have a tongue tie. As my midwife and other doctors even the free referred lactation specialist all seemed to care, I was not getting the help I needed. My daughter was loosing too much weight and not gaining as she was supposed to be even four weeks later. Lee-Ann took a very balanced approach and was very sensitive to what my husband and I hoped to achieve in terms of breast feeding our baby. She is a very caring individual and my baby loved her. We all felt well looked after and comfortable with her. She attended my daughter’s lip and tongue tie revision, and she showed us exercises to do afterwards. She was always accessible to us via text, e-mail or phone call and was there for us along the way. Anybody with a breast feeding issue should see Lee-Ann as soon as possible. My only regret was not knowing about her and using her aid sooner. She is the most caring, well-informed, non-judgemental and helpful person I dealt with since my low milk supply, bad latch and other breast feeding issues came to surface. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!” ~Susan T.

“I am so happy Lee-Ann was available to help me continue to breastfeed my baby. I suspected my two week old had lip and tongue ties, and knowing of Lee-Ann’s reputation, I decided I would not waste time. I called her right away instead of spending hours looking at pictures on the internet while caring for an unsatisfied baby. Even though I thought I knew a lot about breastfeeding, Lee-Ann’s knowledge blew me away. She gave me some excellent tips to support our breastfeeding relationship until my daughter’s ties could be released and accompanied us to the appointment. Lee-Ann was confident about a treatment plan, described the pros and cons of several options, and was absolutely invaluable. She made everything much easier than it would have been had I continued to flounder on my own. My daughter is now eight months old, and I am happy to say she is nursing happily as I type! I am so glad I was able to continue to feed my daughter the way she was born wanting to!”~ Jayme B.

“It was so nice to finally have an answer to why we were having so much trouble with breastfeeding. Lee-Ann was professional but kept a personal touch; she was efficient but made sure we never felt rushed; she corrected previous medical “advice” we’d been given (which never corrected our issues) without belittling other medical professionals. It was also really nice to have her attend the revision with us. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to hold our daughter while the procedure was being performed but knowing she was with her gave us peace of mind.” ~Brittney P.
“Just wanted to update you, I have been breastfeeding for a week now with no bottle supplementation at all!! He’s doing really well and my milk FINALLY just balanced out last night. No more pump and no more sore engorged boobs! Thank you for all your help and support, you saved us! We are very grateful!!!” ~Chelsea B.

“Appreciate the care that we received from Lee-Ann for Joshua’s TT/LT revision and aftercare. She was so compassionate and easy to chat with about Joshua’s condition. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is dealing with TT and LT! Thank you again Lee-Ann for helping Joshua and I.” ~ Lillibeth C.

“Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and support with nursing A. The revision was just the first step, but without your support through our journey it would not have been as easy or as successful. Your ability to help is so organic – you really listen and provide solutions that fit us best. Keep helping moms and babies –  the world is better for it (you). With much appreciation,” ~ Vickie R.