Welcome to Lactopia!

supporting breastfeeding fulfillment.

We support breastfeeding fulfillment at every stage, from conception through to weaning. We are passionate about supporting you on your breastfeeding journey, whatever that might look like. We want you to be actively involved in your care plan, and to have all of your questions and concerns addressed. We value respectful communication and practice inclusivity and diversity, providing evidence based information alongside warm, caring support.

We offer lactation support appointments in the comfort of your own home and provide a full range of breastfeeding support services, including

  • Prenatal breastfeeding support and care plans
  • In-hospital support, often within 24 hours of birth
  • Breastfeeding after breast reduction (BFAR)
  • Adoptive breastfeeding
  • Chestfeeding
  • Insufficient glandular tissue (IGT)
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Relactation
  • Breastfeeding a baby with Down syndrome
  • Cleft-affected babies
  • Tongue tie & lip tie support

Serving Edmonton & surrounding areas