Services for Parents

In home consultation is available (usually within 48 hours) for breastfeeding challenges. We work with newborns to toddlers and provide support in conjunction with your doctor, midwife, doula, dentist, or bodyworker. Although we specialize in tongue tie, our thorough and holistic approach is an asset in many challenging breastfeeding situations.

Best Start Package:

A proactive package to get breastfeeding off to the best start possible. It includes everything in the newborn package plus: a group, or private, prenatal class and a prenatal phone consult to discuss any pre existing breastfeeding concerns. Hands on care is provided twice in the first ten days of life, usually in the first 24 hours and again when needed.
Intensive follow on support is provided by phone, text or email for the first month of your baby’s life.

with Lee-Ann Grenier, Senior Consultant- $550
with Kelsey Voelker, Junior Consultant – $475


Newborn (first 14 days of life) Consultation:

An in home, or hospital, 2 hour (or more) consultation, where we assess latch and positioning, as well as oral function and screening for tongue tie. Basic newborn expectations of feed times, sleep and care are covered. Any breast or nipple pain will be assessed, and the root cause will addressed. A plan will be made to resolve any ongoing issues, which includes written information and intensive (free) support by phone, text or email.

with Lee-Ann Grenier, Senior Consultant- $350
with Kelsey Voelker, Junior Consultant – $300

Basic Consultation (and Pre-Revision Assessment):

This comprehensive consultation takes place in your home and includes a thorough nursing, infant oral anatomy and suck function assessment. Treatment options and breastfeeding management will be discussed. The consultation takes 2 (to ­2.5) hours and comes with a written care plan. This service includes one month of phone, text or email follow up. A detailed case history is completed via our online intake form prior to the visit.

with Lee-Ann Grenier, Senior Consultant- $275
with Kelsey Voelker, Junior Consultant – $225

Revision Support Package:

In depth support for families who decide to have lip/tongue ties revised. Pre surgery consultation and information is provided by phone and email, including pre-revision support on choices of pain relief and post surgery comfort measures. The support provided during the approximately hour-long surgical appointment includes; accompanying the baby to the revision, assisting the provider in assessing the TT/LT and advising during the procedure to ensure complete revision. Post-revision care would include a briefing of aftercare routines, including stretching exercises. In addition to this, one month of in clinic follow up, post-revision, is included to check stretching, perform suck training (if needed) and re­assess the revision site. This package comes with free follow up phone or email help up to 4 weeks after the post revision check.

with Lee-Ann Grenier or Kelsey Voelker – $250

Breastfeeding After Birth Check-In – with Kelsey Voelker

Whether you’ve started out your breastfeeding journey on the right foot and just need some reassurance, or you’re walking a more difficult path and need some assistance getting it back on track, I’m here to help. Small breastfeeding troubles can escalate quickly, so it’s important to address them early, before they seem insurmountable. This relaxed, 1.5 hour, check-in, typically done within the first week after birth, addresses positioning and latching, troubleshooting and solutions for common issues, including sore nipples, infant behaviour information, and what to expect in the coming weeks as it pertains to your nursing relationship.

This service is exclusively available for our prenatal class participants.

Continued support by phone, email, FaceTime or Skype (including text messages) is available for $35/hour, or $75 for unlimited help each month past the original service month for existing clients
We provide comprehensive prenatal classes several times a year – see Upcoming Events page for details.

Private prenatal classes are available at your request.

Email or call Lee-Ann at (780)278-2662 for availability.

Services for Health and Helping Professionals

We provide continuing education for lactation consultants, doctors, midwives, doulas, nurses and others who work with pregnant and new mothers including chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, and yoga instructors. In addition to hosting regular workshops throughout the year, we can provide in services to your specifications. We LOVE to travel!

We also enjoy hosting workshops for breastfeeding advocates and activists. Want to support friends and family? Interested in promoting breastfeeding in your community? We have a class for that!

Check our Upcoming Events page, or email for information on upcoming workshops and classes.

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